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We offer a full range of document services, registration in the database, and travel route support while providing you access to a team of professionals empowered to assist you in maximizing the value of your new identity. Our customers are based in all world regions and travel worldwide every day. Today, our continued success can be attributed to our unparalleled customer service and attention to detail, which has enabled us to build our client base with 100% satisfied customers. Regardless of which kind of documents or service you prefer, we will work with you to select the service configuration that best meets your needs and expectations. 

We are the world number one independent group of specialize IT professionals and database technicians base in the USA, we are specialized in the making of genuine Driver’s Licenses, passport SSN, ID card, Birth Certificate, Green Card, Credit file record, Visa, PR, Diplomas degrees, clear criminal record change of identity and many other documents of very unique quality for over 150 countries.

Our documents open a whole new world of opportunities for their holders. Here’s how real passports can change the game for you and your closest ones:

  • Immigration. Are you dreaming of relocation? A genuine doc can open the doors to North America, Asia, Europe, or wherever you see your future. We can also help with residency cards, SSNs, and other local documents to make settling in a breeze.
  • Travel. Fly from country to country like a bird with counterfeit documents for sale. They can be freely used to bypass border checks, no matter the destination. Need a last-minute visa? We’ve got pre-approved ones on tap. And if your current passport prevents you from going to specific places, we’ll sort that out, too.
  • Work. Buy real and fake documents online to secure your dream job. Showcase your skills and knowledge with our language and course certificates or get physical work permits to meet the employer’s requirements abroad.
  • Studies. Gain admission to educational institutions in top colleges and universities. Impress the committee with your foreign language knowledge and excellent credentials, confirmed by real certificates and school diplomas.
  • Other purposes. Fake docs can act like a magic wand in banks, lending companies, and governmental institutions. Credits, loans, and once-out-of-reach services become available when your biography and documents are spotless.

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Acquire real or fake driving licenses from over 249 countries. Each license is created to meet specific national criteria for authenticity and recognition.

Secure real or replica ID cards, expertly crafted to meet the identification needs of any country, ensuring they pass all levels of security verification.

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Why buying passport 

Traveling between countries requires a valid passport, the universal standard for international travel. Our service offers you the opportunity to obtain a genuine passport quickly and efficiently, enabling you to travel with confidence. Whether you need to prove your citizenship at foreign borders or just want the freedom to explore new cultures, a real passport is indispensable.

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